Green Waste

If you have garden or green waste that needs to be disposed of we can do it for you. Green Waste includes tree and shrub pruning’s, small branches, leaves and grass clippings, dead flowers, weeds, bushes, palm fronds, logs, cactus cacti, hedges, tree roots, and any type of natural organic plant growth.
CUB Rubbish Removal Melbourne ensures best practice, we pride ourselves in being ISO Compliant and environmentally responsive.

Anaerobic Decomposing – Green Waste should never be sent to landfill. Organic plant growth in landfill produces a methane gas as it undergoes anaerobic decomposition (due to lack of oxygen) and when released back into the atmosphere, the methane is 25 times more potent and harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Green waste should always be processed to make compost.
When properly processed, Green Waste produces no methane and turns into compost, a renewable resource which is beneficial to the environment.
Microbes responsible for composting Green Waste are naturally occurring and live in the moisture surrounding organic matter. Oxygen from the air diffuses into the moisture and is taken up by the microbes. As the aerobic decomposing takes place, what is produced is heat, water and carbon dioxide (CO2).
Heat produced in the aerobic decomposing process helps support the growth of beneficial bacteria that is good for the environment and kills off harmful bacteria and pathogens.
Reuse Waste, Reduce Landfill, Recycle Green Waste.
CUB Rubbish Removal Melbourne, helping you help the Environment

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